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Employee Outlook

5 Reasons Why Employee Outlook Is Your Best Fit

By Drashti Wani Feb 3, 2021

Welcome to Employee Outlook!

If you are a working professional, we are glad to have your presence on board. 

With the sole aim to make your everyday work experience simpler, smoother and satisfying, Employee Outlook offers you an independent platform to engage in exchange and sharing of individual reviews and feedback. 

What truly makes EO a special service, is where it comes from. Far from big shot enterprises such as Google and Amazon, the idea of Employee Outlook is the brainchild of two working professionals. Inspired from their own experiences at their workplaces, our developers have laboured around the idea of providing a free place for all professionals to indulge in personal growth and development based on the exchange of reviews.

Read along to find out our specialities and why EO should be a must-use service.

At EO, YOU are important

Employee Outlook dwells around the concepts of equality and democracy. Irrespective of your current job role or designation, EO welcomes and regards you as an individual professional entity. We believe in the importance of not only being vocal but also in every voice being heard.

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Whether you are a regular employee at your company or a manager with a team under you, your presence at EO is acknowledged, your voice is respected and your reviews are valued.

We aspire to make the review process two-way while breaking away from the conventional top-down approach.

It is for anyone and everyone who is a working professional.

Honesty & Objectivity are our core values

What good do the reviews do if they are full of subjective bias? 

By the virtue of being humans, most of us are often filled with personal enmity, friendship or mutual support for one another. These biases creep into our assessment of others and often prevent us from being objective and impartial. This dilutes the main idea behind review exercises. 

We encourage honest and objective sharing from our users without or with little subjective bias. We also emphasize the use of moderate language and a neutral tone in the review writing process. 

EO aims to provide you with an independent platform for your optimal professional growth and progress. EO envisions to make review exercises a normal day to day activity and intends to cultivate feedback culture among workers. 

We help you keep your identity safe

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When we offer you a platform for sharing honest feedback, we do not do so with an intent to cost you your job or your relationships at work. We understand that for many of you, it may not be an easy task. Feedback phobia is as common as it can get. 

In this regard, EO offers an alternative, wherein you can create your account and post comments as an anonymous person. This way you can make optimal use of the platform, convey what you want to and yet not disclose your identity which would save you from any sort of retaliation from your peers and seniors. 


Self Improvement & Personal Growth

Saving the very obvious reason for the very last, we would like to reiterate the potential positive impact of review exercise for your continuous growth and career advancement. 

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When your colleagues and peers review you and highlight your strengths and weaknesses, it paves a way for you to read, receive and introspect. It allows you to work on your drawbacks and sustain your strengths, ultimately adding to your productivity. 

Engaging in difficult conversations such as reviewing and sharing feedback, makes you emotionally more resilient and competent. You will improve with every review you receive, at the same time, you will also become more subtle in your approach with every review you give.

Knowing what others think of you helps you tremendously to shape the perceptions of others about you in the future course of time. 

So why wait now! Explore Employee Outlook and start writing reviews today.


Drashti Wani

Content Chief at Employee Outlook