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Why You Need An Independent Platform For Feedback Exchange?

By Drashti Wani Nov 25, 2020

In today’s era of exorbitant digital dependence, nearly ‘anything’ you want is only a Google search away. But think of it, is the giant internet a ‘know it all?’ 

Surprisingly, and most certainly, the answer is a NO

The importance of providing and receiving constant feedback for working professionals has been well established in our blog Why Feedback Culture Must be Our New Normal. But the real issue is where to do this? Which online/offline platform to use for this if any?

Explore below why an online, independent platform for the exchange of feedback is an important need of the hour:

Because no such arrangement exists-

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On one hand, popular social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram do an excellent job in branding your social life as it helps you maintain social niceties, at least digitally. A networking site such as LinkedIn brings you closer to the professional realm, a place where you can highlight your professional competencies.

On the other hand, if you are a job aspirant or you are in a process of changing jobs, company review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed may come handy to you.  

But do you know of any such platform for the exchange of reviews and feedback for individual professionals?

Sadly, such a platform is a scarce sight on the internet. It is one of those services which the internet has not offered, just yet. 


Because the convention is far from it-

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Individual companies and establishments may have their own review mechanisms for its workers. Unfortunately, such feedbacks are synonymous to a corporate formality and bear little effective weightage. 

They are rarely honest and objective, not to say that they are also highly exclusive and stay with your company, limiting the reflection of your competencies to other potential skill seekers. They also die away immediately, once the exercise is done. 

An independent platform corrects the underlying flaws in the conventional top-bottom review approach and makes review exercise more meaningful and honest. 


Because an online reputation is a must-


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In today’s day of heightened digital engagements, your presence online talks more about you than you can possibly think of. 

You may want to make sure that your reputation online is not only honest but also attractive.  

If you are an employer, an executive or a CEO, being found online with a spot-free and progressive public image is vital for you and your company.  Similarly, if you are just starting out or only a couple years into your career, finding your way through the perfect job can cost you tens of ugly work experiences and enormous patience. 

In such situations, your profile built up over time, based on the feedback of your employees, your employers and your co-workers, will do wonders for you, while vouching for your personality. It helps you keep your image transparent and hence reliable. 

You can build an online professional reputation.

Because feedback phobias are a real thing- 

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Think of the many chances you had, where you wanted to say everything that is wrong with the people you work with, but you couldn’t.  If ever, you muster up the courage to speak up for yourself and the injustice meted out to you at work, you do it either at the cost of your job or your healthy relationships at work.

Being honest and objective in exchanging reviews is certainly easier said than done.
You sure wouldn’t want to ‘cross the line’! 

It’s the fear which holds you back, the fear of how your comments will be received and perceived, the fear of possible retaliation in case the person you are reviewing is your senior or the fear of being outcast for speaking your mind and not being a part of the system.

This is precisely why you need an independent and objective platform which normalizes review sharing, makes it a part of work culture and erases the feedback phobia.

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Drashti Wani

Content Chief at Employee Outlook